Thieves Steal $100,000 Of Kias In Gone In 60 Seconds-Style Heist

The thieves caused between $100,000 and $115,000 worth of damage in the heist.

In Matteson, Illinois, a gang of car thieves broke into a Kia dealership and took off in a convoy of stolen cars in a Gone in 60 Seconds-style heist. According to CBSN Chicago, the thieves used a stolen Honda CR-V to back into the service door at 3.30 am when the dealership was closed.

As you can see, several people jump out, break a window and crawl through to gain access to the dealership. Once inside, the thieves checked to see if any of the cars were unlocked. They eventually found a lockbox containing keys to the cars and wasted no time gaining access to several Kia cars before driving off in a convoy.

Watching the footage, Hawkinson Kia manager Greg Freeman think some of the thieves weren’t even old enough to drive. “It looks organized to me,” he said. “They definitely know their way around a car dealership.”

In no more than 15 minutes, the thieves managed to steal several Kia cars including a Forte, Sorteno, and K5. It isn’t known how many cars were stolen in the heist, but CBSN reports six cars were either stolen or damaged. At least four cars can be seen in security footage from the dealership. During the heist, the thieves caused around $100,000-$115,000 worth of damage.

After unsuccessfully trying to smash through the front gate in the Honda HR-V, the thieves drove the stolen Kias over a snowbank and escaped into the bank. Footage from the dealership shows them speeding through the service center and driving through the front parking lot at high speed. The scene looks like a low budget Gone in 60 Seconds with Kias instead of Porsches, Ferraris, and Eleanor Ford Mustangs.

It isn’t known if police have caught the young car thieves yet, but they will hopefully be easy to identify as one had his arm in a sling and another was wearing a distinctive Vlone sweatshirt.